Benefits of Chair Massage

It’s a fact. When chair massage is administered to office staff, it results in stress reduction, tension release and an increase in blood flow to the brain. This translates to improved performance, alertness and acuity.

The benefits of chair massage are numerous.  Employees and customers love it because it’s an oasis of relaxation in their workday. Employers, meeting planners and managers love it because it’s a quick, cost effective and personal way to improve morale and increase an employee’s potential for productivity.

No matter how you look at it, massage therapy in the workplace is a win-win.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s an excerpt from the Employment Times, an online newsletter based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that explains the benefits of chair massage:

“Many organizations face the stiff challenge of attracting and retaining good employees, as the most valuable employees can often take their pick of excellent jobs due to their high qualifications. Whether your company uses chair massage through a regular employee wellness or benefits package, or as part of an incentive program, a (chair massage) program can be an asset to your human resource department and your company.”

– Angela Higley, Author