workplace massageHow are employers saving money with workplace massage? Across the country, employers are finding that they can actually boost both their productivity and bottom line by offering workers with workplace massage.

As the workplace has become increasingly competitive, with shorter deadlines, and smaller profit margins, employees are put under greater stress. Instead of treating workers with pizza parties and potluck luncheons, they’ve taken a more healthy approach to boosting morale.

Workplace massage is one of the most popular and requested benefits among employees today. Massage reduces fatigue and tension. It leaves workers with greater mental acuity. It actually boosts their ability to handle more work in under stressful situations. It even reduces the number of workplace accidents and arguments between workers.

The Benefits of Workplace Massage

1. Increased morale and productivity.

When Fortune magazine featured the best 100 companies to work for in America, they emphasized corporate perks such as workplace massage. Massage was shown to empower workers and positively affect the success of the employer. The Gallup poll summarized that “employee attitudes correlate strongly with higher profits.”

2. Relief of stress and fatigue.

Workplace massage increases energy, but it also relaxes the muscles and soothes the spirit. A study published in the National Institutes of Health revealed that a group of workers had reduced stress and lowered blood pressure.

3. It opens the mind and increases alertness.

Massage clears thinking and releases a person’s creativity. “A 15 minute massage increases alertness and performance,” reports Dr. Tiffany Fields in Life magazine’s eight page cover story on massage.

4. It increases brain power and sharpens the senses.

The Miami Research Institute of Florida reported that office workers who were massaged completed a math test more quickly and with fewer errors!

5. It’s a healthier option to pizza parties!

Employers are now giving up on pizza parties and potlucks, and implementing healthy benefits like workplace massage. A once-a-month massage program often costs nearly the same as buying pizza for the entire office.

6. Workplace massage reduces absenteeism.

Considering stress and depression are major causes of absenteeism, employers have found that a regular massage program actually keeps their offices fully staffed.

7. Reduces workers compensation claims

Eliminating stress in the work environment is always a concern for employers, and offering weekly or monthly workplace massage has actually decreased the number of workers comp claims, which itself lowers insurance premiums and avoids costly litigation.