Chair Massage Services

We can set up an onsite chair massage solution to meet any size or demand. Whether you’re setting up for your biggest show of the year, or you just want to show your employees some appreciation for a job well done, we can help. Our therapists are trained professionals, with years of experience providing healthful, fun massage services in workplace, event and business environments.

Trade Shows / Conventions

The bigger the show, the more important it is for companies like yours to stand out – to draw the potential customer in with something different. That’s where we come in. Our chair massage therapists set up near a traffic area in your exhibit space or display area, and administer a 5-10 minute neck and shoulder massage to attendees as they enter, exit, and walk around the trade show/convention.

You’ll have access to a captive audience of smiling customer prospects as they line up around your booth in anticipation of a relaxing chair massage. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to gather contact information and pitch the products or services your company has to offer. It’s certainly more effective than candy and pens!!!

And don’t forget, our chair massage therapists are briefed on your company’s products and/or services before they arrive at your event. So they’re equipped to answer basic customer questions and route interested prospects to your sales team. It’s just our way of adding extra value to your show experience.

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Meetings and Conferences

As important as those planning meetings, staff meetings and all-day conferences are, they can leave employees lethargic and, well, a little uninspired. Prevent the afternoon doldrums by providing attendees with a chair massage. You’ll be keeping the energy up, and keeping your event on track.

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Productivity. Throughput. Efficiency. Whatever you call it, you’re going to get more of it from an employee who’s mentally and physically energized by an in-office corporate chair massage. Besides, it’s a great way to indulge a valued employee or reward the performance of that winning department. Surprise your staff with an afternoon or full day, or schedule a recurring weekly/monthly appointment (ask about special long-term scheduling discounts). Suddenly, Mondays won’t seem so tough.

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Massage That Markets

Event Massage Services offers a private labeled solution, with your company name and logo to maximize your brand awareness at trade shows and conventions.  Your potential clients will feel good when they receive a relaxing chair massage, all courtesy from your business.  When you hire us to make you look good, that’s what we do best.